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1. The word “FREE” is still the most powerful – the most often
used word in advertising today! If you have anything to offer
FREE to others, you can use this powerful word! It pulls orders
better than any other word! Here’s some ways to use it:

2. ONE thing FREE when you buy Another! This can be the way to get
people to order from you!
A second one is FREE, with the
purchase of the first!

3. Buy 2 – get the third FREE! This can be used to get MORE and
LARGER orders! Giving away ONE, with the purchase of two others!

4. Fourth FREE, with purchase of Three! Tire stores and Publishers
offer a 4th FREE, when you buy Three others at regular price!

5. FREE “Trial Size”! Give away one that’s smaller than usual,
hoping that people will LIKE what you give them, and want to buy

6. FREE Bed frame, with purchase of A King Set! Lots of mattress
stores use this type of ad! Offering some sort of “premium”
FREE with purchase!

7. FREE Introductory Class! This usually is offered with purchase
of a Computer; Microwave oven; etc. (Free Memberships in clubs,

8. Use it FREE for 30 days! Allow people to use something; to use
your product or service, FREE, for a limited time! (Enticing
them to order!)

9. FREE Service with each purchase! This is used often by Pizza
companies, and cleaning services. Free delivery; Free Folding;

10. FREE Interest for 3 months! Many loan companies and others
offer this to entice customers to buy from them! It’s delaying
something for a time!

11. Fast service, or it’s FREE! It’s Hot, or it’s Free! (7-11
offers Hot coffee). Denny’s says “10 Minutes, or it’s FREE!”
Customers come to see!

12. 2nd Topping is FREE, with purchase of a Large Pizza! That about
says it all! (Free Extras; Free Colors; Free Inks; No extra
charge at Printers!!)

13. FREE Details! This is used by a LOT of advertisers, who sell
products by mail! Let ’em know you’ll send information FREE,
just to write and ask!

14. Buy 2 ads, get a 3rd (or 4th) FREE! This is another way to get
Long Term advertisers! They get FREE ads, with every 3rd or 4th
they buy.

15. FREE Commission Circulars! Many Prime Sources are willing to
offer you FREE circulars (some for postage) to obtain dealers!
Free Dealer Info!!

16. FREE Typesetting, with purchase of an ad! Publishers offer this
FREE service to obtain new advertisers! (Why pay extra for it,
if it’s FREE?)

17. FREE Catalog! Many companies send out Catalogs FREE to anyone
who writes and asks for one! More sales result! (Free Downline

18. FREE Sample Copy! Some companies will be willing to send you
ONE FREE to entice you to buy more later! (Free Cassette; Free
Introductory Video, etc!)

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