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Mastering Your Landing Page

Mastering Your Landing Page

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In order to get ahead of their competitors, most people spend so much time, money, and effort for pay-per-click campaigns, promo emails, and newsletters. Many online marketers give too much attention on convincing readers to click on links indicated in their ads, while very little focus is given to the structure and content of the web pages where those links lead to. To the reader’s disappointment, some linked sites barely contain significant amount of quality information.

If you would like to earn a bandwagon of prospect buyers, you need to create a landing web page that has good design and quality content. So how are you going to do this?

• Keep your articles clear and concise. Aside from their short attention span, most people who research online have limited time to spend in front of their PCs. Present your point in just two to three sentences, or you can write your points in bulleted lists instead of long and tedious paragraphs.

• Use the landing page to provide general product information. Include product photos, item descriptions, and price per product quantity or length of service. Short testimonials from your existing customers can also help.

• Do not direct visitors to your homepage if you are advertising for a specific offer. In this way, you’ll prevent your prospect buyers from wandering away from the possible purchase or sign-up actions that you want them to take.

• Utilize one landing page for every product or service. If you have enough resources, it’s best that you design a separate landing page and campaign for each product or service. If you offer a wide range of products or services, you can group them according to product or service type and then create a single landing page for each type.

• Indicate your clear call to action. Always place an “Add to Cart” link beside the item description and price list of each product or service. “Enter email to subscribe” can work for promo emails and newsletters, or “Click here to download” if your service includes access to files or software.

• Don’t ask too many personal details from your readers. Unless they’re making a credit card purchase for your products, asking for the users’ name and email address is enough. You need to assure the users that the information will be kept confidential.

• Don’t overdo your web design. Avoid flashy signs as they can pull your readers’ focus away from the articles in your web page. Keep a consistent look and feel to your site – it helps if you use the same colors, fonts, lay-outs, and navigation buttons all throughout your website.

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Landing pages play an important role in maximizing your pay-per-click ads or email campaigns, so you need to dedicate a thorough effort to keep your landing pages clean and usable. It can be a rigorous procedure to go through, but it eventually pays off by increasing your site traffic and sales.

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