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Making Money with Storage Units and Yard Sales


Making Money with Storage Units and Yard Sales

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Do you want to make money with the buying and reselling of merchandise found at mini storage auctions? If so, you need to find a great way to resell your purchases. While you do have a number of different choices, you may find hosting a yard sale to be your best option.

Before outlining how you can use a yard sale as a way to profit from merchandise bought at self-storage auctions, it is important to focus on those items. When bidding at a storage auction, you are urged to use your best judgment. Do not place a huge bid when you do not know what is inside. If you can catch a glance at the items up for bid, look for name brand products, household appliances, antiques, and furniture.

Hosting a yard sale is recommended when you have many items to sell. One table of sellable items may not be worth your time. If you buy a storage unit that packed to capacity or if you purchase the contents of multiple bays, a yard sale will be worth the time and energy. Also, remember that you can add your own unwanted personal items to the sale.

When looking to make a profit reselling merchandise, you are urged to limit your business expenses. After all, the less you spend, the more money you make. This is true, but yard sales rely heavily on advertising. If you do not live in a heavily populated or a well-trafficked area, no one will know that you are having a sale. That is why advertising is important.

As for how you should advertise your yard sale, visit Craigslist.org. There, you can place a free advertisement online, just find the closest city to make your posting. Buy advertising space in your local newspaper. Most have a section just for yard sales. This will cost money, but it will be more than worth it. Always include your full address, the date and time of the yard sale, as well as a sample of what you have for sale. On the day of your sale, hang bright colored signs with your address or rely on arrows.

When using yard sales to resell items bought at a mini storage auction, keep your asking price affordable. Yes, you want to make a profit, but remember that people visit yard sales to find the best deals. That is why you are urged to have a lot of items on hand. The good news is that if you buy the contents of a whole storage unit, as opposed to a few closed bins, you should get a lot of things to sell.

Before preparing for your yard sale, one step you will want to take is using the internet. Do you have any items that look like they could be valuable or antique? You can use eBay.com to see. Perform a completed auction search of each item. If it sells online for more than what you would make at the yard sale, pull it from your sale pile. Do not expect to get full price for antiques at a yard sale. Instead, sell them online or contact an antique dealer.

Before your sale, start labeling all items for sale. Blank yard sale stickers are available for sale at most dollar stores and office supply stores. Pricing your items is important, as not all shoppers stop and ask for price information. If some don’t see prices listed, they will just move onto the next sale.

The day before your sale, visit your local bank. Ask for change. If you get buyers who stop because they saw your sale when driving by, they may not have small bills. Be sure to have plenty of dollar bills and quarters on hand. Keep your money in a well-secured location.

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The day of your sale, start laying out items for sale. Group similar items together. For example, did you get a couple of boxes of movies, toys, and books? Make sure all books appear together, and so forth. Clothes can be folded on a table or hung from makeshift racks. Never lay items flat on the ground, especially if you have other options.

Lots Lots Of Steroids For Sale


Lots Lots Of Steroids For Sale

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The usage of steroids in any form in sports is banned and pronounced illegal. There is the World Anti-Doping Agency, created in 1999, to deal with steroid abuse in sports. However, there’s no strong and strict agency to monitor the steroids for sale.

The pharmaceutical companies are openly producing steroids for sale. The steroids for sale are produced in several countries. These drugs are smuggled across international borders of the countries that do not produce steroids for sale.

There have been no serious efforts to curb the smuggling of steroids like that of psychoactive recreational drugs such as cannabis and heroin. There is a highly flourishing black market that offers illegal steroids for sale.

Legally, steroids for sale are allowed as prescription drug or prescription medicine, however steroids for sale are openly available for all from black marketers, specifically, pharmacists, veterinarians, and physicians. Often anabolic steroids for sale in the Black Market are counterfeit, or originally manufactured for veterinary applications.

Anabolic steroids for sale are required to be produced under sophisticated pharmaceutical processes and by legitimate pharmaceutical companies. However, illegal drug trades are distributing the steroids for sale that are mere chemical substitutions. The illegal steroids for sale are in fact diluted or affected illegal anabolic steroids that are possibly extremely dangerous.

Most of the US steroid producers such as Ciba, Searle and Syntex, stopped producing steroids for sale within the US in 1990s. However, steroids are produced in bulks in many regions, particularly Eastern Europe. The European anabolic steroids are the source of most medical grade illegal anabolic steroids for sale in North America. Anabolic steroids are widely produced for veterinary purposes and most of the illegal anabolic steroids for sale are actually veterinary grade.

Internet is also growing very popular place where people can get bulks illegal anabolic steroids for sale. There are a number of online drug stores offering illegal anabolic steroids for sale.

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So, the matter of the fact in the bottom line is that there is a strong need of a strong authority to monitor and curb illegal anabolic steroids for sale. People are advised to buy steroids from genuine and legitimate druggists and only for positive usage.

Is Your Lake Home For Sale?


Is Your Lake Home For Sale?

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Have you decided the time has come to sell your lake home? It’s for sale and you’re wondering where to advertise it? There are many options for advertising when you have a lake home for sale. You can be sure there’ll be plenty of calls since people are interested in waterfront property.

To advertise any property for sale, you can start with placing ads locally. If there’s a local television station, it normally has advertisements regarding real estate for sale. This will provide you a chance to showcase your lake home for sale, inside and out. You could submit photos of the interior as well as the exterior including the waterfront. This will certainly grab the audience’s attention.

The local newspaper is an excellent place to advertise your lake home that’s for sale. Most everyone reads the classifieds in the newspaper. Be sure to give an accurate description of your lake home that’s for sale. Also you should include locations details and contact information. Be sure to mention the property you have for sale is situated on the waterfront.

Real estate agencies also look after lake homes for sale. Contact any and all real estate agencies in your area. Sit down with each of them until you find an agent you are comfortable with. It is important when dealing with any property for sale to have a real estate agent you are happy with and one you feel is trustworthy. A real estate agent should always have your best interest in mind when handling your transaction concerning property for sale.

Posters, bulletins and brochures are great ideas when advertising real estate for sale. You might want to prepare a few posters detailing your lake home for sale. Place them in high-traffic areas such as the supermarket, the post office, the medical clinic or even the dentist’s office. A colorful brochure would also be nice to leave at these places. Your brochure could feature pictures of your lake home that’s for sale. It should also provide information regarding the size of the lake home as well as the land. A nice picture of the lake home for sale, and the waterfront would be perfect to use on the front of your brochure. It would definitely cause any individual to at least pick it up and flip through it.

Word of mouth is always an excellent tool when selling anything. Make sure to mention to all of your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors that your lake home is for sale. The word will surely get around and it might be the very method that sells your property.

The Internet is the perfect place to feature your lake home for sale. Because the Internet is used by people worldwide, you have a very large audience viewing the pictures of your lake home. Many people are looking for vacation homes. It doesn’t necessarily have to be those in your area. The Internet has sites where you can post classified ads for free, where you can advertise your lake home for sale. There are also many online real estate agencies which would be happy to handle the sale of your lake home.

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As you can see, there are many opportunities to have your for sale ad noticed by prospective buyers. It may require a little work but it will surely be worth it when your lake home for sale sign reads lake home sold.

Increase Repeat Business and Referrals with Direct Mail


Increase Repeat Business and Referrals with Direct Mail

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So you have been writing mortgages like crazy now for the last few years. You have a pretty big database of customers and hopefully you have been getting and keeping full contact information for them. An organized database is the first key to customer retention.

The next step is to put together a direct mail campaign to keep these customers thinking about you when they think about mortgages. It is often years between times when each customer needs a mortgage professional, and it takes far less than that for them to forget your name. As well as fighting time, you are fighting indifference. Customers who get great service are often reluctant to pass that information along, while customers who feel they have gotten poor service will tell everyone. Most of the time good customers need to be reminded of their experience. By following up with each customer on a regular basis you will not only stay in the front of their mind but you will also start to build a reputation as a solid and responsible business.

So how do you get started? Below are a couple of the most frequently asked questions when starting a campaign to keep in touch with past clients.

What Type of Direct Mail Piece Works Best?
There is a great debate amongst Mortgage Professionals about what type of direct mail will work best for getting new business. Many swear by letters for their appearance of professionalism, while others like the low cost and high visibility of postcards. Overall, both seem to work adequately for bringing in new business. You just need to find which works best for you personally.

For keeping in contact with past customers, however, the way to go is postcards. This is due to the fact that if your customers are not currently looking for a mortgage for themselves, they are far less likely to take the time to open a letter. That causes most of your “keep in touch” promo that is in envelopes to get thrown out before it ever gets read.

Since the goal is recognition and not direct action you only need to get them to read the message. Postcards have the message visible when mailed, which means that while your customers are deciding what to read and what to throw out, they are already being exposed to your message.

How Often Should I Send Promo?
You will want to mail a piece to your database every 30-60 days. Any longer than that and they may have already forgotten you when their friends are looking for a mortgage. Since you will want to send promo out often, you will need to keep your costs down. With postcards there are no envelope costs, no assembly costs and the postage is 30% less than letters. When using a mail house to send your postcards you can often get postage rates as low as 18¢ per piece.

What Should Be On My Brand Recognition Pieces?
There are some basic rules for the design of a brand recognition direct mail piece.
Rule #1: Keep color consistent.
Many times people fall into the trap of changing the look of their promo for the seasons or for the holidays. The thought is that people are thinking about Christmas or St. Patrick’s Day so they will respond better to promo with those colors. The truth is exactly opposite. Their senses are so flooded by those images that they actually start to skip right over them. Pick a color for your company and stick with it. You will do much better in building recognition.

Rule #2: Make a logo and use it on every piece.
Having a clean, professional logo is best. It may be a little pricey to have designed but in the end it is well worth the money. Experienced designers can often charge up to $2000 for a corporate identity package including logo, letterhead and business cards. If you aren’t looking to make that type of investment simply pick a type style for your company name and use it every time. Consistency is key because your logo is your main identification point.

Rule #3: Make it Informative.
Every piece should have something useful for your customers. Whether it is new information about the mortgage industry or even possible investment properties in their area, it can even be completely unrelated to the mortgage industry. A calendar or list of emergency numbers, even the old recipe card trick still works pretty well. Anything that is likely to be kept around will help to build recognition in the minds of your past customers.

The mortgage industry has experienced a huge amount of growth over the past few years. Unfortunately this growth cannot last forever. At some point it is going slow down and the only way to keep your income in the range that you have become accustomed to is to ensure that you retain as many past customers as you possibly can.

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A direct mail campaign is the best way to do this, but remember, this type of program is a long term process. Don’t get discouraged if you can’t directly calculate the amount of money that you bring in right off the bat. What you are doing is burning your name into the minds of your customers. Eventually it will work out to you seeing less attrition and far more referrals.

How To Promote Your Website With Free Leads


How To Promote Your Website With Free Leads

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If you are trying to promote your online business on a shoe string budget you are in luck.

If you are creative there are many opportunities to get real traffic to your website with free leads.

One way is through ffa leads or free for all links free leads.

Ffa free leads are leads of those who have posted free ads on free for all links network pages and have agreed to receive a one time email advertisement in return.

In exchange for being able to post their ads on thousands of free for all links pages the advertiser agrees to receive a confirmation email for each posting from the owners of the free for all links page. In the confirmation email is an advertisement from the owner of the free for all links page.

This is called reverse advertising. One advertiser posts free ads and another advertiser sends an advertisement to the person who just advertised for free. This is how the free leads are generated.

Sounds crazy but it works. There are ffa network sites such as Lead Club Pro FFA Free Leads where you can join and get your own free for all links page immediately.

This free for all links page will collect your free leads daily for you. The network generates usually between 2-3000 posts free leads daily to your free for all links page.

The management of the free for all links network is responsible for keeping your free inks page submitted to the major submission services. This gives you a constant flow of new free leads.

You then have the option of sending your advertisement to those who place their ad on your page through an online interface or with your own bulk email program.

Generally ffa leads are very inexpensive. You can expect to get from 10,000-60,000 eads per month for as little as $20. per month.

Some sites such as Lead Club Pro FFA Free Leads will allow you to join free for 7 days. You can download 10,000 free leads immediately without paying.

Some people say that ffa free leads are just junk email leads. This used to be true but now most ffa free leads networks require posters to confirm their email addresses in order to send out their free ads. This means that the email addresses must be valid and belong to the poster. Posters must look in this email box to confirm their advertisements. When they look for the confirmation they see your ad.

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Now, if you are selling real estate in Montanta ffa free leads are really not targeted specifically to your market. However, if you are selling a product which is useful to other marketers these leads are highly targeted free leads!
All ffa leads are marketers. If you have a product which helps them market their websites you have a potential prospect.

How To Plan Cheap Maui Family Vacations


How To Plan Cheap Maui Family Vacations

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Great beaches, lush surroundings, charming people, rave parties. What more can you ask from a vacation trip? When you go to Maui, you will have these things and so much more. Unfortunately, going there is not as cheap as it seems.

Tickets can skyrocket depending on the season. The same goes with the hotel fees and the food costs. This is especially true if the whole family is going to the trip. But with the right resources, you can actually plan cheap Maui family vacations. Here are some of the things that you have to do.

Book early.
Booking early will save you as much as 60 percent of your total airline ticket costs. This is already an answered prayer for families who are planning a family trip but cannot afford too much expenses. A lot of airlines right now have existing promos for people who book early. You will be given large discounts.

Just make sure that you will be taking the trip though as it is much harder to cancel or reschedule tickets that have been part of a promo. Make sure also that you know what the promo entails before purchasing the tickets.

Book off season
Another secret to cheap family vacation trips to Maui is to book off season. This will not only significantly lower your airline expense, it will also lessen the prices of hotel accommodations and food costs. You see, most hotels and merchants in Maui jack up their prices during peak season.

The same goes with the airlines, who do not have promos during peak seasons. One problem with this set up is the schedule of the kids. So make sure that you have the schedule all worked out before getting those tickets.

Bring your own food
If you can take with you food for the vacation, go on and do it. This is especially true if you are staying in rental houses, where you can cook your own food. Even hotels permit guests to bring in food inside their rooms. This is a cheaper alternative to eating out or buying at the grocery store in Maui which is probably more expensive.

One downside for this is the bulk of the baggage that you will have to take with you to Maui. But if you have the extra hand to carry it, why not? You can always have it checked in as a baggage. Besides, when you go home, you’ll not be carrying it anymore.

Research on the internet
The internet is a wonderful resource where you can find just absolutely anything that you want. So read on travel sites. For sure there is a feature there about Maui.

There you will find hotels, rental houses, car rentals, restaurants that are cheaper than the usual tourist spots. In fact, these places are sometimes the more authentic ones. Read their reviews. This will give you a fairly good idea on where to get cheaper deals in the island without sacrificing the experience.

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So you see, when you know how to look, where to look, and what to do, it is not really that hard to plan cheap Maui family vacations. You just have to make an effort and go the extra mile. Cheap is not so impossible to achieve.

How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale


How to Hold a Successful Garage Sale

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Holding a garage sale can be a profitable and fun way to make sure items are reused. It’s true that garage sales are a lot of hard work, but the returns are more than worth the effort. You should be pleased at how easy the planning of a garage sale can be.

Plan –
Don’t discard those old clothes and items just yet. In fact, don’t throw anything away! You will be surprised at what people will buy. Your trash truly is another person’s treasure. Check with family, friends, and neighbors to see if they would like to hold a joint sale. More sellers mean less work, and more items mean more buyers. Also, advertising will be lower with more people to share the cost.

Promote –
Most community newspapers have a weekly garage sale section to advertise in. Put up signs in your neighborhood a few days before the sale. Make sure the signs are large, readable, and if possible, waterproof. On the day of the sale, put a large sign and some balloons at the intersection closest to your house. Remember to take down all of your signs after the sale.

Be Organized –
If possible, plan to set up items in a covered area so that you can still hold the sale if the weather is bad. Have each family mark their items with a different color dot to prevent mix-ups. Make sure that every item is priced and set up in a secure place by at least the night before the sale. Price your items fairly, but not too low. Some people will want to bargain with you. Have plenty of change on hand, as you will be dealing with a lot of paper money.

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You will be surprised how the day of the sale can take a toll on you. Try not to let your sale go past noon, and it helps to have someone there to take turns managing the sale, so that you can each take breaks.

How To Go About Finding Cheap Computers


How To Go About Finding Cheap Computers

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Almost everyone knows what a computer is and how to use its basic functions. Some people have their own desktop computers or laptops. Those who do not own a computer may still be able to use one by renting or using the ones in public libraries. However, there are cheap computers that are now available in the market, so it is possible that everyone and their grandmothers will be able to afford it. Computers are really amazing. The technology has evolved so much through the years. A lot of things can be done with the newest models that were not possible on the machines which were the “top of the line” a few decades ago. Give or take a few years from now, the current computers will be phased out and replaced by a more stable, more feature-packed machine.

A few years ago computers were very expensive. One unit of a desktop computer in 1998 cost about $1,600. That’s a lot. Fast forward to the present. The computers in 1998 are nothing compared to the models that we have now. The machines are faster, more durable, and capable of multitasking. Imagine doing so much in so little time! To top it all off, the cost is definitely worth the product. Nowadays, cheap computers are very easy to find. Promo packages as low as $300 are not impossible to find. In fact, they are all over! You might think that cheap computers are not as good as the high-end ones, but that is not the case. You get the same functionality, durability and technology at a very inexpensive price. But where do you find such cheap computers? Stores like Circuit City and Best Buy offer packages that are very inexpensive. However, there is a cheaper alternative – shop online! There are a lot of online stores that sell either promo packages or individual hardware parts for you to assemble. Of course, that is up to you. You purchase a machine that is tailored to your own needs.

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These days, owning a computer is essential. There isn’t any industry that does not make use of this technology. Computers aid in learning and working. The world is a much smaller place now because of computers and the internet. There are just countless of benefits you can get from one single machine. And it does not cost much. Cheap computers are now available online. That is functionality and information within your reach.

Garage Sale Checklist – a Guide To Hassle-Free Sales


Garage Sale Checklist – a Guide To Hassle-Free Sales

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Garage sales should be fun and hassle-free, with your goal to make some good money and off-load your unwanted items – our garage sale checklist is your hassle-free, step-by-step organiser for achieving this.

2-3 weeks before the sale
– Start sorting through your household for unwanted items
have the mindset that almost anything will sell if it is a bargain
– Price your items
price items about 25-35% of what they cost new (clothes are exceptions – 5-15% here)
– Pick a date and time for your sale
weekends are the best; avoid public holidays or special events

– Write your ad
give the address and hours of the sale; mention items that are of particular interest
– Place your ad in local newspapers and using free garage sale adversting sites
put up flyers on local community boards; inform neighbours as they might want to have a joint sale

1. week before the sale
– Make sure items are cleaned and repaired
the better condition it is in, the higher price you will get
– Determine where signs will go
in and around your neighbourhood is best; one in front of your house is smart too
– Make your signs
use arrows, print the address, start and end times, use big letters
1-2 days before the sale

– Set up your sale area
use tables to lay items out, display clothing hung up; you want to create an area so people can browse and shop in comfort
– Get checkout area ready
have plenty of change; spare bags; calculator; newspaper (to wrap fragile items); paper & pens
Night before the sale
– Put up signs
– Make some refreshments and have a radio ready to play some soft background music
Morning of sale

– Make sure your house is locked up and fully secure
don’t want to give buyers the opportunity to snoop around
– Open the gates/door to your sale
greet all customers with a freindly smile and “hello!”; be prepared to bargain with buyers

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Right after sale
– Take signs down
not only is this courteous to the environment, but you might incur a fine or penalty if you don’t
– Count your money and rejoice!

Garage Sale – A Fun Way To Make Quick Cash


Garage Sale – A Fun Way To Make Quick Cash

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Garage sale is a great way to get rid of unwanted items, plus make some money. Everybody accumulates the kind of stuff that other people are searching for and are willing to buy. If you have lots of stuff you no longer use or want, consider having a garage sale. There is no reason to go on storing items you’ll never use.

You can make good money by holding a garage sale. Holding a garage sale provides an outlet for unwanted items, which other people are looking for, and will pay good money for.

Examples of such items are: furniture items, toys, vacuum sweepers, lawn mowers, jewelry, baseball cards, camping equipment, drinking glasses, dishes, dolls, salt and pepper shakers, coins, toasters, toys, clothes, hair dryers, coffee pots, rollar skates, old records, bikes, furniture, pictures, books, sporting equipment, televisions, bags, CDs, tape recorders, household tools, and other items that you have no use for anymore.

You don’t need a garage to hold a garage sale. A garage sale can be held anywhere – yard, lawn, basement, garage, porch, or house. But you need to know why people go to garage sales, what items they buy and how to set prices on your merchandise.

Before you hold your garage sale, visit a few sales in your area to see how the items are displayed, how they are tagged, what people are buying. Find out how they priced the items, then price your own merchandise accordingly.

People will buy just about anything at a garage sale. You’d be surprised. But they are looking for bargains. They usually expect a big discount on items that have been used. Don’t disappoint them.

You need to advertise. Advertise your sale in the local newspaper, shopper guides, on bulletin boards and even online. Advertise your garage sale all over the neighborhood. State the date and times of the sale, the address, and special items you have for sale that will draw customers. Word of mouth is also an excellent advertising method. Make your garage sale known to as many people as you can.

Place signs in high-traffic intersections within a few miles of the location of the sale. Use sturdy cardboard and big lettering.

Make sure you remove your signs once the sale is over. You don’t want people coming to your house after the sale is over.

Be sure to check with your local officials regarding laws and regulations of garage sales.

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You can make money out of a garge sale, if you do it right. There are many resources available that can provide you with the information and tips you need to hold a successful garage sale. The Internet offers garage sale information, guides, and other resources, which can lead you in the right direction to making money with a garage sale.